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Cathleen Coates
Meds tracker

I love this, this week we have had covid, my 3 year old that has complex febrile seizures was hitting 40 with his temp & thankfully I remember to pull the out & stick on the fridge. I was so sick too & stressed that he was going have seizures (thankfully his anti seizure meds are working) I couldn’t remember who was taking what & when, this is a game changer. Do yourself a favour & get one you won’t regret it.
I kept referring back to it & thought we’ll if I do have to call ambulance for my son then at least I will know exactly what was given & at what time. Or if anything was to happen to me my partner or family would know exactly what to do & I even have now written his seizure meds on there so everyone is aware.

Amazing 🙌🏻

Amazing idea, so handy!

Jennifer-Ann Fleay

Grey Medication Fridge Tracker

Melissa Griffin
Medicine tracker

This has been the best addition this winter with all the sickness we are getting every week. Has made tracking meds so much easier and avoided confusion between my husband and I on what to give when. Thanks Tiny Hearts ♥️

Teagan Aitken
Medicine tracker

Such a great product. Makes it so easy to remember what time I gave my little love medication (for a very forgetful person) I don’t have to doubt myself and worry about overdosing.