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Bridgette Ruvo
Not super useful

If you are at all medically educated you can skip this class. Me and my family knew everything in this class so it was a waste of money. Honestly there is a lot of stuff from their Instagram account that is way more useful than what is in this class. Also the sound mixing was horrible, the music between the sections was incredibly loud then the speaking was very soft. Moving to the next section was a pain. If it had better information I would say it was worth it but honestly it wasn’t.

Elise Patience

Instant Access Baby + Child First Aid Course

Alf Igel
Too short, not enough details

It is a good starter for someone who does not know anything about first aid. Unfortunately most sections do not have enough information about the topic for our taste. There is one section about wounds for example that is 2 minutes (!) long and it doesn't show any pictures or techniques how to treat which wound. It's just some generic tips that you can find with a quick google search. This pattern continues throughout the course, short videos without visuals and detailed information. On top of that the website is slow and the intro music is annoying. Wanna hear the same, 10 second clip of generic electronic music every two minutes when you start a new session? No, me neither. Besides, it doesn't fit the topic. First aid is not a hip lifestyle topic, I find it rather serious.

My wife said the videos are essentially the same as the ones you can find on instagram. So, not worth the money.

Tayla Holcroft

My partner and I are new parents and we have both done first aid courses before but wanted something catered to our new little babe, this was perfect! Thank you for what you have done to help people!

Hannah Cole
Very good

My partner and I completed this in 2 parts. We are fairly limited in our time together due to shift work so it was great to have this option and also wasn’t information overload this way! So much useful information and resources and glad to have the option to be able to go back and review over time.